Started MBA with Management course and attended Linkedin seminar

December 19, 2008

On Wednesday evening, I started the MBA program at the University of Phoenix Irving Campus. The instructor seems to be a very knowledgeable person and he promotes participation among all students. I think these courses together with the project management will round up my vision of being just an engineer.

In my last position as Analog IP verification lead I was dealing intuitively with different aspects of the material that is covered in these courses. Now I will have a better understanding and a better way to organize my self and help organize the projects that I will be involved in the future.

Since the future is unknown for my yet, University of Phoenix gives me the flexibility to study on a different campus if I need to relocate or even to continue on line. I think that the name of the  school helps, but everything is up to the student to succeed and learn.

Today in the morning I attended a very interesting Linkedin seminar by Dennis O’Hagan. He gave us very good ideas on how to present yourself on Linkedin, how to increase your network and the most important, how to use your network to find either a job or preserve your connections and help other people. Dennis also made the comment that it is useful to maintain your Plaxo profile also, to have an up to date agenda with all your contacts information.

Facebook can be thought as the Linkedin equivalent for informal network. I use Facebook to be in touch with my friends. Before attending this seminar, I already had a profile in all these social networks, but now I have a better understanding on how to combine all of them and try to avoid redundancy and be more efficient. I will be revising my Linkedin profile next week.

Now I have a bunch of articles to read for the MBA, work on an evaluation for Pico Express which is a tool that I used to develop a project for several months and now I need to document my experiences, so others may find it useful.


2 Responses to “Started MBA with Management course and attended Linkedin seminar”

  1. Oren Eliezer Says:

    Good luck Antonio!

  2. antoniofmondragon Says:

    Oren, Thank You Very Much!
    I wish you the best this new 2009!

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